Holton Bugg’s event promotion of IQ Chain turned into fired discussion

IQ Chain Consultant Holton Buggs and Olgun, an attendee got into a fired discussion in an event that was organized for the promotion of IQ Chain and resulted in Olgun leaving the event.

Recently, when Holton Buggs was pitching for the investment offer of $10,000 Platinum trading bot for IQ chain, a discussion between Holton and an attendee went out of control. The event started normally with an attendee directing questions to Holton in Turkish.

In the footage of the event, Holton is seen trashing Ted Nuyten and BusinessForHome. He also makes excuses for the losses that occurred to the investors of Ormeus Global. At the end, he even refused to answer questions related to his new gig, IQ Chain.

While the event was still ongoing, Enes Olgun who is known as one of the most prominent MLM figures started questioning Buggs. He also shared his intention in his own words while explaining the footage:

“How is Holton Buggs managing his Ormeus Ponzi responsibilities in Turkey, whilst maintaining his position in Organo Gold corporate?

Today, I intruded into one of his secret meetings and I told everything on his face.”

As per Olgun claims, he wasn’t satisfied by the intellectual capacity of Holton and the answers did not seem perfect.

In the event, Holton talked about Ted Nuyten and BusinessForHome. When Olgun cited that the reason he became aware of the involvement of Holton in IQ Chain was from the Nyuten’s website, Holton exclaimed:

“When you get to know a person, never get to know a person because of Ted Nuyten or the news, because if that was the case, people would have hated me before Organo.”

As per the article on BusinessForHome, Holton Buggs and John Barksdale were recruiting US citizens very actively for IQ Chain. Moreover, as per the article, Holton’s involvement in IQ chain was the reason for the decline in Organo Gold sales volume.

The article is deleted since long, and Holton took the credit for same. In Holton’s own words:

“It was no different how Ted’s first news article about me and John Barksdale, but I had to stand up and I made Ted rewrite it three different times.

Why? Because he says opinions which are completely wrong. And I have all the documentation on my phone of me communicating with Ted.”

Later in the footage, Olgun brings up the most difficult question for Holton by referring to the losses that the Ormeus Global investor suffered. However, Holton did have the answer for the same:

“I’m very familiar with John Barksdale and I’m very familiar with the Ormeus side of things. When one says that commissions weren’t paid, that’s a lie.”

But, Oigun has a different notion about the entire scenario. Olgun talked about how John Barksdale used the worthless shitcoin to dump onto investors. To all the accusations Olgun made, Holton Buggs had to say this:

“I’m not here to defend John Barksdale for any mismanagement of expectations. I’m not here to defend him.”

In the event, Buggs also accepted his knowledge on cryptocurrency wasn’t that great. Despite of the fact that he was pitching for IQ Chain’s $10,000 IQ Platinum offering to the investors.

Please see the conversation between Holton and Olgun below:

“Buggs: I didn’t make one dollar with bitcoin.

Olgun to Buggs: That’s why I said you are a little bit unexperienced about the crypto world.

Buggs: No It’s not about inexperience. I knew nothing about coffee. I sold three billion dollars worth. I still don’t know anything about coffee. It has nothing to do with that. This is not about product this is about people.”

According to the conversation, Holton implied that none of the two offerings, Organo Gold or IQ Chain have anything to do with the products.

This gave Olgun way for asking deeper questions. Olgun continued asking if the securities that Holton was offering was legal in the USA. Here is the chat:

Olgun: So IQ Chain not legal yet.

Buggs: No, no. IQ Chain is legal. I decided not to allow registration until we got the bot completely registered. The business model has been given a thumbs up by our attorneys.

Olgun: I know. So in the US we cannot make the business, right?

Buggs: In the USA you will be able to make the business. I have decided not to allow to turn the USA on until next month, when the government finalizes registration for our IQ bot.

As of this date, neither the IQ Chain nor the Ormeus Global are registered with the SEC. Not even John Barksdale or Holton Buggs have got any registration with SEC.

After the huge question and answer session, finally Olgun remarked:

“You are saying, “I am the consultant of the company”. But you are now in Turkey, you are working like you are the leader of the company.

This is not a consultant ‘s role. So if you want people to respect you, you need to be honest. If you are the leader of the company, you can be very open about it.

The Organo Gold. If you are the owner of Organo Gold, you can say very open, “Hey guys, I started this company. I am working with this company… and I am going everywhere and taking the people.”

But you shouldn’t be like, “I am the consultant but secretly I am making the meetings”. That’s why I don’t respect you, and now I am leaving.”

Buggs was left without words and just replied by thanking Olgun for leaving the event.