Hollywood actor Michael Palance accused of assaulting at talent show in Dubai

The incident has left her 14-year-old bruised and badly shaken.

Date 24th May 2017. Dubai.

Nadia who is a Pakistani actress and hosts shows on TV has accused the judge for accusing her daughter during a talent hunt.

Her daughter is a 14-year teenager who went through a traumatic experience when she was grabbed from both the hands and pushed back when she felt on other parents.

There are bruises on both her arms that confirms the assault.

The audition was held at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in JBR on May 20 and hundreds of parents took their children with a hope to turn seeing their children on television.

However, the audition was brought to a halt after police arrived at the venue when Nadia made a call.

The 47-year old CEO was held responsible and was held for questioning. The American actor/producer, Michael Palance was later beckoned to Al Barsha Police Station. This is where the complaint was filed later.

Nadia even added that the company was asking for huge amount to further train children to act. Nadia while trying to hold her tears said to the undercover Xpress journalist, “I went to the audition hoping it would be good for my child, but instead got the shock of my life. When my daughter’s turn came, the judge, grabbed her roughly from the shoulder and pulled her, leaving her with deep bruises on both arms.”

After the incident, Nadia took her daughter to the hospital for a clinical checkup and the report affirmed that the bruises were because of the assault.

Nadia said,” “It happened quickly and in front of me and at least 30-40 other parents. Before my daughter, they were auditioning small children. She was the first teenager in that batch.

My daughter was given a two-line script but before she could read it, she was grabbed and pushed so hard she fell on one of the parents.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. She is my daughter. No one has the right to touch my child let alone subject her to public humiliation and physical abuse,” said Nadia, adding that the incident has shattered her daughter’s confidence. “She was crying all day”.

Sources Gulfnews.com (Dubai)

When Nadia’a daughter was interviewed about the incident she could not stop showing her disappointment for the Disney stars who did not revolted against such an act. She used to adore them and not anymore.

When Nadia tried to confront the organizers, she was forced to leave. The worst part is that this was not the first time a controversy like this was raised against the CEO. A Youtube video went viral featuring him spitting on a young girl in Singapore audition.

Premiere Disney Audition Singapore – Michael assaulting the little girl – YouTube

The Xpress journalist Mazhar Farooqui who attended the audition confirmed that the company was into sales rather than finding the next star.

A girl who cleared the first round received an email. The email clearly said that if she competes the next round, she would have to pay. The fees ranging from $1,950 (Dh7,162) to $7,900.

Another parent reported that the audition was a total scam. They were only after money. The ad on Facebook was also dubious.

They made sure to use the right word which can confuse parents and will attract audience as well. The post read, ““Does your child dream of becoming a Disney Channel star? We are coming to Dubai!”

They never said that they were inviting children to cast for Disney. However, the Disney spokesman bluntly denied any association with the company.

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