Grandmother trapped in phone scam, loses $4000

A grandmother from Tuscola County has been scammed through phoney call out of $4000. The person on the other side of the phone pretended to be a police officer from Switzerland and claimed that her grandson was in arrested. They asked for the amount for his bail.

The elderly women told the Tuscola County Sheriff that the person was very convincing and she couldn’t make out that it was a fake call.

She further revealed that her grandson was really in Switzerland who went there to visit a friend. The scammer made her speak to someone who sounded like her grandson. The women got so nervous and scared that she forgot asking about any identity of the person posing as police officer from Switzerland.

She asked few questions and they were able to answer all of them which further let her believe that the person was correct about her grandson’s arrest.

After the call, the elderly women withdrew $4000 from the card and bought Walmart gift cards. She then passed the card and pin information to that person. The investigation has revealed that the phone number that the scammer used was a Trac phone.

Walmart is assisting in finding the information about the card for the detectives to help in the case.

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