FundsFact Review: Ad-Credit Ponzi Scheme offering 150% ROI

FundsFact seems to be an Indian company claiming its registration from the UK. Most probably, all the admins are from India itself operating the ad-credit Ponzi Scheme
FundsFact Review: Ad-Credit Ponzi Scheme offering 150% ROI
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FundsFact claims to be providing Ads packages to its clients combined with the Referral Scheme. The website does not have the ‘About Us’ tab. This means that they have shared no information on their website about the owners of the company. The domain ( is also registered privately on 10th March 2018. This suggests that the company is quite new.

The company has a Facebook group which is operated by three admins. Two of the accounts in the name of Martha Hughes and Honey Arbi seem dummy, however, one account has some legit information. This gives us a lead on one of the owners of the company. The profile of Samuel Raj from Chennai can get us some hint about the founders of the company.

The other two accounts must be from India as well. FundsFact has got no other source of revenue other than the income opportunity through the referral program. The admins have tried to play it safe by attaching the packages for advertisement display on the website of the company.

The program offers free participation to those who only want to earn referral commission. For those, who want to enjoy the full participation must invest a minimum of $5.

FundsFact – Compensation Plan

The admins of the company promise a maximum of 105% ROI to its affiliates.

  • Plan 1: You must invest $5 for receiving 120% ROI in 40 days
  • Plan 2: You must invest $25 for receiving 130% ROI in 37 days
  • Plan 3: You must invest $100 for receiving 140% ROI in 35 days
  • Plan 4: You must invest $250 for receiving 150% ROI in 30 days

FundsFact – Referral Commission

The company uses the uni-level compensation plan to pay referral commission to its affiliates. In a uni-level plan, an affiliate is placed on the top level. The affiliates who are recruited personally, are placed directly under the recruiter.

For example, if the top affiliate recruits new affiliates, the new affiliates would be placed on level 1. Those who are recruited by the affiliates on the level 1, are placed on level 2 and so on. The series can go to any number of depth.

However, the referral commission is capped at third level.

  • Level 1: 8%
  • Level 2: 4%
  • Level 3: 2%

FundsFact – Reviews

Pankaj: I am very disappointed by the plan. They did not share my money and after continuous requests, when they added the amount, I was not able to withdraw it. Rip off it is.

Sam Duke: This is a fake program. I have invested in similar schemes before and it is a total replica of those schemes that fooled people. I am not going to invest in this program.

The Conclusion from the above Reviews

The reviews very well clarify the plans of FundsFact. The admins are only here to fool people and take away their money. The advertising packages are used to beguile people for opting for their services and getting trapped in the Ponzi Scheme.

The Verdict

I do not find FundsFact any different from the very old ad-credit Ponzi scheme. Underbelly the trick of placing the advertisement s of the company’s website, the admins are trying to fool the investors.

The only verifiable source of income for the company is their affiliate program. The existing affiliates are paid by the money invested by the new affiliates. This makes this entire program, a Ponzi Scheme.

The investors invest for earning unreasonably high ROI which is not going to stay for long. As soon as the recruitment will stop, the ROI will stop as well. This will lead to the company’s collapse. The admins will run away with whatever would be left in the kitty.

Some investors may be able to get some profit. However, the majority of the affiliates will lose their money.

Hence, it would be wise staying away from such schemes that do not guarantee returns or promise something too good to be true.

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