ExaCoin Review – Promising huge ROI, daily

ExaCoin does not have information related to the company's founders on the website. It is operating Lending Ponzi Scheme and likely to be a scam for undermining the Chinese ICO ban.
ExaCoin Review – Promising huge ROI, daily
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ExaCoin has not provided much information on their website. You would not find the names of the owners or people behind its operation, on the site. The domain (exacoin.co) was registered in October 2017 and the registration information did not provide much information as well, as it was privately registered.

As per the Alexa statistics, Exacoin attracts most of its traffic from Vietnam which is a possible clue of relating the owners of the company to Vietnam.

As of now, the only verifiable product that the company is offering is their affiliate program. Membership into Exacoin affiliate is available for free. But, this only provides the referral bonuses. To participate into the full program, one must invest at least $100.

In short, would you like to invest in a company that is not having a face? My answer would be, NO. I would rather advice to invest in plans that may promise less returns, but seems genuine.

ExaCoin – Compensation Program

The affiliates are required to invest in the Exa points of the company which is made on the promise of daily ROI.

  • Plan 1: Invest from $100 to $1000 for receiving 48% ROI after 179 days
  • Plan 2: Invest from $1010 to $5000 for receiving 0.1% daily ROI for a total of 149 days in addition to a bonus of 48%
  • Plan 3: Invest from $5010 to $10,000 for receiving 0.2% daily ROI for a total of 119 days in addition to a bonus of 48%
  • Plan 4: Invest from $10,010 to $50,000 for receiving 0.3% daily ROI for a total of 99 days in addition to a bonus of 48%
  • Plan 5: Invest from $50,010 to $100,000 for receiving 0.35% daily ROI for a total of 79 days in addition to a bonus of 48%
  • Plan 6: Invest $100,010 or more for receiving 0.4% daily ROI for a total of 59 days in addition to a bonus of 48%

ExaCoin – Referral Commission

ExaCoin pays the single-level referral commission. This is 5% of the funds invested by affiliates recruited personally.

The company also has a concept of “lending rewards” through a unilevel compensation structure.

The company follows a unilevel structure to pay its affiliates. In this structure, every affiliate recruited directly are placed under the affiliate who recruited them.

An affiliate is placed at the top of the unilevel structure. If a level 1 affiliate recruits new affiliates, they are placed on level 2. If level 2 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are placed on level 3 and so on.

  • Level 1 – 8%
  • Level 2 – 3%
  • Level 3 & 4 – 1%
  • Level 5 – 0.5%
  • Level 6 – 0.3%
  • Level 7 – 0.2%

ExaCoin reviews 

Hoang Tran: i can’t suffer anymore. 4 days wasn’t a long term but this was the time i missed lots of opportunity to invest other ICO. Thanks for your fucking initial scam BTC. Its up to you, i spent thousand ticket to hope you solve it as soon as possible but it seem like this is the worst ICO supporter i have seen so far. Good buy for now, and keep my fucking buck in your pocket.

Tam Nguyen: I deposited ETH two day ago, but It still hasn’t arrived my wallet yet. I submit three tickets but still haven’t solved the problem yet. I emailed support two times, but my ETH still hasn’t arrived yet. I don’t know why it takes so long for the technical team to solve this problem. I am tired now.

Conclusion from the above reviews

As you can understand, the company is too late in replying to the tickets raised by the clients. There are many other complaints regarding the same issue. Isn’t it obvious for a company to do so which was never true starting from its inception. Hiding major information from the customers is a big clue towards scam and the posts and reviews proved it too.

The reviews talk about the incapability of the company in handling the funds and the complaints raised by the customer. This is only possible if the company is not serious about the profits of its customers.

The Verdict

It is very much transparent that the company is running a ponzi scheme. However, there is one more likelihood that’s peeking around the corner. The company’s second largest traffic comes from China. This could be a substitution for recent Chinese ICO ban and the scammers may be in a hope of eluding this ban.

There could be two possibilities, if the above case stays true. Either, the scammers who belong to China are operating from Vietnam or the scammers have been able to solicit a large amount from China for operating this scam.

I believe that this case should be given utmost priority by the Chinese government and it calls for an intervention by the higher Chinese authorities.

In this scheme, the company is asking for real money in exchange of Exa Points whose worth is not even categorized. In another word, there is no use of this Exa Points outside the company’s affiliate program.

There is no evidence that can determine the company’s involvement into cryptocurrency mining. This leaves us with only option left that is used to pay the affiliates, the affiliate recruitment program.

We have already seen fate of most of the lending Ponzi Scheme and this one is no different. Time is no far when the investors will be left with no choice. After a huge investment and if the company buys an altcoin script, the next step would probably be getting listed through weak exchanges.

The ROIs would be paid until the minimum limit reaches and then the investors will be left out without payouts. This is how a ponzi scheme works and ends leaving a lot of investors at loss.

If you want to save yourself from a huge loss, stay away from ExaCoin. This program is mostly scam or even if it is not, it is unlikely for it to succeed in any way possible.

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