EtherLink Review: Similar ICO Ponzi Scheme as LendConnect

EtherLink is a reboot of LendConnect which was started in late 2017 and collapsed in early 2018. EtherLink anonymous owners are not likely to disclose their identity but most of the links of the website redirect to the pages of LendConnect.

We have witnessed companies trying to play the second innings after getting collapsed. EtherLink is no different. To refresh your memory, let me brief you about LendConnect that was started in late 2017 as an ICO Lending Ponzi Scheme and soon was shut down. The website still has the announcement for a rebranding.

EitherLink’s website does not mention about this rebranding. However, when you will click on the whitepaper, you would be redirected to the URL below:

Who needs any other proof to find the connection between these two companies. EitherLink’s website, as it was the case with LendConnect, does not say anything about the names of the owner.

The domain ( that was registered privately on 5th April 2015 was with another owner and on 5thApril 2018, the ownership was updated when the domain was selected to start the reboot program of LendConnect.

Here we are to discuss the EtherLink offerings, so keeping the details aside about LendConnect, let us check out what this company has to say.

I tried to check the products that EtherLink offers. However, could not find anything verifiable apart from their affiliate program.

If you wish to join their affiliate program, you need to invest a minimum of $100. They do have the free membership, but that would only give you access to the referral program of the company.

What I can understand from all the standpoints is that this company has a history of cheating investors and it should not be trusted even if it comes in other avatars.

EtherLink – Compensation Plan

The company asks for the investment of Ethereum for earning daily ROI which ranges from 1.5% to 5% as follow:

  • Plan 1: You must invest $100 – $999.99 for receiving variable daily ROI for 120 days and would go up to 155% per month
  • Plan 2: You must invest $1000 – $14,999.99 for receiving variable daily ROI as well as 0.1% bonus daily for 100 days which can go up to 158.1% per month
  • Plan 3: You must invest $15,000 – $49.999.99 for receiving variable daily ROI as well as 0. 2% bonus daily for 80 days which can go up to 161.2% per month
  • Plan 4: You must invest $50,000 – $100,000 for receiving variable daily ROI as well as 0.3% bonus daily for 60 days which can go up to 164.3% per month

EtherLink – Referral Commission

EtherLink follows the simplest process for paying referral commission and it is restricted till Level 1. There is a 4% referral commission only paid for the personally recruited affiliates.

EtherLink – Reviews

Xavran Khan: dont invest it is a ponzi. check their market they are dumping coins themselves. they artificially pumped the coin up in the beginning looted all the money now milking more stay away. they are listed on coinexchnge now they themselves are saying they will be delisted soon from coin exchange. whatever you made its enough time to exit investors.

Anthony William: Made a lot of statements about how much better than other ico’s & lending sites but this has been the worst start to an ico that I have tried & I have got coin in plenty. Not just difficult to get like HXT Ethconnect Homeblock but site down then changed site, then up but most couldn’t get anyway. Now they have ‘spruikers’ bullshitting about how wonderful they are. Don’t believe them.

The Conclusion from the above Reviews

Like the whitepaper, when the Facebook link is clicked on the website of EtherLink, it redirects to the LendConnect Facebook Page. These are the reviews that were made for LendConnct and are very much related to the EtherLink program as well.

I believe that there could not be any legitimate reason for joining EtherLink.

The Verdict

There is nothing more to add after discovering that EtherLink is the reboot of LendConnect. LendConnect collapsed in 2018 and before that, it made sure that every investor is skimmed for money.

Also, EtherLink claims to be the first Ethereum based lending platform is laughable. These days, most of the ICOs come up with the similar program trying to cash in the name of Ethereum.

EtherLink plans to open a Ponzi Token Exchange. This could be seen as the only differentiating factor between EtherLink and other ICO Ponzi scams. It may sustain a longer with the transaction fee. However, there is not much to hold this program stronger for longer.

Once, the recruitment will die, the platform will collapse as well. Those who would be investing early would be able to make some profit. Others will meet the same brutal fate. The company anonymous admins will leave once the platform collapses.

The investors will be left mourning. There is nothing much one can do as it is pretty obvious after LendConnect rebooted the program under the name of EtherLink.

So, if you wish to save your money, do not invest in EtherLink.

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