Esther Hicks and Abraham Hicks: Take a Look Inside

  You must be wondering where you would be looking if you know this program. Somebody’s head? It’s only natural ....
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You must be wondering where you would be looking if you know this program. Somebody’s head?

It’s only natural for you to take a word of advice from a well-meaning person.

You may also spare the time for a motivational speech or an inspirational message.

How about a sermon or khutba or some word of admonition?

Okay, how about when you want to take a major financial leap or, on the other hand, what do you do when you suffer a major setback?

Would you subscribe to taking a lesson? Would you read some books? Would you take a retreat or holiday?

Let me blow your mind, how about I introduced you to someone who hears just the right words for you to help you make that decision or make it through that challenge?

Meet Abraham Hicks

Abraham Hicks is basically a non-physical entity managed by Jerry Hicks and his wife Esther Hicks. According to Esther, Abraham Hicks comprises of about 100 different persons providing her with information, which, according to her, is gotten in the form of a trance.

With the help of her husband, Jerry Hicks, Esther is able to deliver these messages to her worldwide audience in her teaching sessions in seminars, workshops and cruises.

You could check out her lecture by clicking here.

Jerry Hicks died on November 18th, 2011 of cancer and Esther is still about herself doing the business.

Abraham Hicks teaches about training yourself to become an achiever and a happier person by thinking positively.

Some persons claim to be helped by her teaching programs and follow her regularly.

Could this be true?

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

If yes, then we could be on the same page, or not.

Well, I don’t have to create a bias about this program. After all, you may not have seen it yourself.

If you are some religious adherent, you may think the same of this program.

If you are also a follower of motivational teachings, you are on the same page.

So it all depends on the kind of person that you are.

Read on.

A look at both sides

I wouldn’t want to make you think I want to impose my opinion on you before I take you through a tour of both sides of this program.

Therefore, I would, invite you to see first. Thereafter, you would decide for yourself if it is worth following.


If Abraham Hicks has a good following, then they must have something good to deliver.

  • Abraham Hicks tries to make you focus on the good and not the bad. This is what the world needs now. We need to focus our energies on being better persons, on love, on family, on success, on being happier persons. This would distract all our energies from the negative hustle and bustle of the society. It would also make us stay optimistic about our businesses, endeavors, troubles, issues and the many worries that attend our modern minds. Friend, sometimes, you need take a break. Stay quiet. Think and plan for a better life. Abraham Hicks could just be that program that would help you guide your mind to focus on the best things in life and stay away from the troubles.
  • It has a good following. With close to 300,000 subscriptions on its YouTube channel and 30 million views, you must agree with me that it has something going on. With many sites trending, news, and all, the pure reservations for listening to a woman deliver sound principles for your personal development cannot be underestimated. It is simply enrapturing. If you see a friend continually see a movie he/she likes, you would not hesitate much before considering the thought of doing same.
  • The teachings presented by Abraham Hicks are very motivational. If followed, they can make a good impression on its followers. Are you wondering about what you need to push you through to achieve that dream of yours? Try Abraham Hicks. The right word at just the right time is all you may need. It seems to make life easy from your thoughts perspective. You could just create your success through working on your thought patterns. In general, it gives participants a positive outlook towards life and enables them do the same to their environment. With Abraham Hicks, you could just be making your dreams come through.



Before you get so excited and click on the link to start your registration with the site, consider a look at the other side of this review.

  • Abraham Hicks discourages helpful practices in a bid to encourage people into believing that they could get their help from simply committing their minds to positive thinking. This is part of Abraham Hicks’ new age teaching: The Law of Attraction. Abraham Hick’s advocates for thinking yourself into perfect health and out of any form of sickness, even poverty. This is no good. How could you do that by mere thought? Friend, if you ever want to get well, you need to treat yourself. If you need money, get a job. You don’t just sit down and then get money. This teaching is very misleading and harmful for anyone who believes in or follows it. Among its teachings is that there is no state of loss that you cannot recover from if you do not accept it. I still consider this as mischievous and unhealthy for anyone who subscribe to it. If you need to get out of any form of distress, you need to come out of it yourself. Thinking yourself out is not self help.
  • It is aimed at making money. Just like any profession, Abraham Hicks is some money mine for its owners. The concepts taught in it are for making money and not for any specific help of its subscribers. It does what just any motivational speaker or teacher would do. The program takes advantage of persons who do not believe in themselves. It helps to give them some sense of pride and self-confidence and collects their money in return. Such persons who need some encouragement to make it through some challenge or hard time would very easily want to give up money to someone offering some unlimited source of inspiration or information to help them become successful.
  • The words of Abraham Hicks are doubtful and may not count as authentic material for any specific situation. Before his death, Jerry Hicks was a major contributor to the Abraham Hicks This makes Esther’s materials and information have unreliable sources. It also discredits the Abraham Hicks program.
  • Abraham Hicks seem like a confluence or confusion. With the various beings that Esther Hicks claims to make up Abraham Hicks, you would realize that there is a blend of entities of various backgrounds, regions and religions. This rendering gives the program a near religious outlook. Furthermore, among the components of Abraham Hicks are the heads of various religions. This is not appropriate as it raises confusion over the identity the program represents. The course of the program also disagrees with what the religions represent.


Self-help programs like Abraham Hicks could be similar to some motivational seminar aimed at making you sit up and work better. However, I really do not see the kind of help they would offer anyone who does not apply the necessary effort to make the success a reality.

This kind of program would have much appeal for persons with low confidence in themselves and willing to do just anything to become better. They would even pay very much and do so desperately all in a bid to gain some degree of self-worth.

Personally, I do not believe thinking yourself into wealth, recovery from sickness or happiness is as simple as they make it seem. You need to make the necessary efforts to achieve these goals.

Still want to check it out? I would suggest you check out their free content on YouTube and elsewhere on the internet to acquaint yourself with the content they have to offer.


My recommendation would be that you do not bother yourself trying to join a cruise or attend a seminar. You may listen to the DVD if you like.

However, do not just bother yourself trying to go there to buy yourself some words spoken by some woman who people consider a medium.

If you think you need to make a fortune, you need to plan it out. Set goals and be determined to achieve them.

Check out the models used by successful businesspersons and modify them to suit your personality, skills and level of professionalism.

You could associate with individuals who would offer you satisfactory guidance on being successful.

Listening to lectures and some exciting seminar would do you no good if you do not have the means to effect the desired change you want to bring about in your career or chosen path of business.

I cannot recommend Abraham Hicks for anyone intending to make any business success whatsoever.