Dr. Michael Esposito’s mal practice costed his license

After mastering his profession; Endocrinologist tried to master forgery!
Dr. Michael Esposito’s mal practice costed his license
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Learning new things in life is real fun. But passion should not turn into obsession. An Endocrinologist who operates at Madison Avenue, Albany, now seems to have learnt this lesson completely. After mastering his profession, our dear experimenter was trying his hands on forgery.

Apparently, this has led to cancellation of his license to practice medicine. Unhappy by his own name as Endocrinologist, he wrote under another doctor’s name.

Dr. Michael Esposito has been imposed of forging another doctor’s signature. According to the records, the prescriptions carried drugs named hydrocodone, codeine and oxycodone and was for a female patient.

The charges on the doctor are levied upon by state board for professional Medical Conduct on 14th of February.

The charges are for the acts of forging, which Dr. Esposito was involved from March 2012 to July 2015! Not just that, the doctor who claims to be practicing since past 50 years, also did not keep precise records of the prescriptions he used to offer his patients.

Patients of Dr. Michael Esposito are announced that the doctor would not be called Dr. from 7th of March, because of his agreement to the fact of not keeping accurate records of prescriptions. In addition to that, his patients are asked to collect copies of their medical records until 21st of April.

Contact number for Esposito’s office is (518) 436-4991. And before you start guessing, about where to contact after 21st; the name is Newton Medical Group situated in Colonie. Hotline to the same is (518) 869 -9692 as per the state Health Department.

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