Dorothy Edge lost her entire LIFE savings of $28K

Fake pastor scams woman out of her life savings
Dorothy Edge lost her entire LIFE savings of $28K
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Dorothy Edge, living in East Flatbush, Brooklyn got scammed out of thousands of dollars while she tried to help an unknown lady. Edge found herself duped out of her entire life savings which amounted to $28k.

Tears started running down when she was trying to explain the scam to CBS2’s Ali Bauman on Sunday. This was after three weeks of the scam when police confirmed that the con artists took away her money.

While talking to CBS2, Edge said, “I’m calling myself stupid, and I don’t want anyone to be stupid like me and get scammed”.

On May 11, a woman stopped Edge to ask directions at the corner of Nostrand and Church avenues. While she was talking to Edge, the woman mentioned that she was from Africa and had just inherited a lot of money that she could not take with her to her home. She informed that the South Africa government will confiscate the amount if she tried to.

Edge further added, “She shows three letters — one from a high priest and one from three lawyers. She cannot take back the money to South Africa because the government will confiscate it.”

While they were in between of the conversation, the women stopped a man who was passing by. That man was dresses in pastor’s uniform. The woman told him the entire story and showed him those letters too. The pastor suggested to donate the money to the African Heiress. After the man who called himself pastor offered help, Edge also decided to help her.

After that the pastor, drove Edge and the other woman to 31st street. He left and came back after few minutes with his own bag of cash to prove to them that he was trustworthy. Later, he drove both of them to Edge’s home so that Edge could do the same.

Edge said, “From 26 years I came to this country I started saving that money — 26 years! And I went down there and I showed it to them and said, ‘This is my money. If you leave the money with me I will give it to Saint Jude.”

Later, Edge handed the money to that women to prove her intentions.

Edge informed the team, “She put it in a black kerchief and she wrapped it up, and that is where the money switched.”

After Edge returned home, she opened the bag only to find out that the money was gone. All that was left were pieces of newspaper.

Edge said that she had learnt not to trust anyone. Edge was made a victim of Pigeon drop scam and lost her entire saving in the hands of scammers.

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2 comments on Dorothy Edge lost her entire LIFE savings of $28K

  1. greg yonker

    can we start a GO FUND ME page so this women can get some of her money back??

    1. Judi Durand

      There is a YOUCARING page for her here: