Dekado Review – Legit or Scam?

Dekado is a ponzi scheme and is operating under the mask of cryptocurrency company. The company has hidden all the information about the owners of the company and provides no information about the where about.

While looking continuously for the right information, DirtyScam tries to gather the most relevant updates on the upcoming MLM companies and probable fraud associated to it. Dekado provides cryptocurrency and talks about the financial freedom and claims that it can help in not only accumulating, but multiplying the wealth through their processes.

We came across this name through a report posted on DirtyScam recently which fascinated us to dig deeper for finding truth behind the accusations. Here is the link to the report:

We did no delay in finding the complete fact about Dekado and here is the detailed review of the company that is a new addition to the cryptocurrency industry.

Dekado – The authenticity of the owners

We tried to find out the names of the owners associated with the company or those who are running the company. But, we failed to find much information on that. The website ( of the company does not provide information about the owners.

When we checked for the domain information of the company, we found out few interesting details. The company is registered at the address with street details as ‘P.O. Box 0823-03411’ in Panama. The name of the administrator and organization is protected and cannot be accessed. When we tried to use their link on their website to find the contact address, we only got a form without any details about the phone number or the email address. The phone number associated with the domain name is also fake.

Hence, you can better understand the judge if you can trust this company or not. Any MLM company that do not like to share the details of their owners, most likely is running a scam behind the scene.

Dekado – Social Media Connects

Dekado has a lot of redirect links on its website to different social media accounts. However, all your attempt to reach to those pages through these links will go in vein. None of the links work and provide any information about the company and its users.

I believe that Dekado forgot to get the basics at place before letting people invest into it. How about a company that offers such a big platform with its own mining software, but does not have the links working on its website? Where does this lead us to?

They are either hiding something or do not have the required skillset and talent to run the company. In either case, this is not the company, you would like to depend on with your money and time.

Dekado – Account registration and operation

There are other facts that are equally important to be considered. The company offers more than one account and there is no identification proof required to join this program. This leads us to the unfaithful and suspicious journey. There is no transparency required to be a part of this company which means that anyone can make any number of accounts and use it as per their convenience without compromising their identity.

Dekado – Referral Commission

There are 10 levels in the referral program. The commission is paid every time a new user is added through your referral link. The percentage of commission will depend on the level that the affiliate is added to. The levels and the pay outs are as below:

At the first level, an affiliate is placed and then the series continues. At every next level, the number of recruits increase by 1. At level 2, the number of affiliate is 2, at level 3, the number of recruits is 3 and so on.

The terms of referral program mention that the commission will only be ongoing until the link stays alive in the network. It also states that Dekado has all the rights to disable the referral program or any of the links, at any given time. This is a big red flag and you won’t be able to fight for your rights later on. It keeps the ball in its court by having the privilege to change the rate of commission at any time.

These all makes it a dangerous option for investment.

Dekado – Joining Fees

The minimum amount to join Dekado is $100. You can go upto $100,000. The fees can only be paid through the bitcoins and etherum which is very hard to get refund if need be.

Dekado – Terming ROI

  • Stage 1 – You need to invest $100 to $1000 to earn upto 42% of DBS (Dekado Buoyancy Software) earning monthly. Capital will be returned after 249 days.
  • Stage 2 – You need to invest $1010 to $5000 to earn upto 42% of DBS (Dekado Buoyancy Software) earning monthly and 0.11% fixed daily ROI. Capital will be returned after 204 days.
  • Stage 3 – You need to invest $5010 to $10,000 to earn upto 42% of DBS (Dekado Buoyancy Software) earning monthly and 0.21% fixed daily ROI. Capital will be returned after 159 days.
  • Stage 4 – You need to invest $10,010 to $100,000 to earn upto 42% of DBS (Dekado Buoyancy Software) earning monthly and 0.26% fixed daily ROI. Capital will be returned after 114 days.

You need to have Dekado account and cryptocurrency in your account to start with these programs. Dekado is similar to Bitcoin, but there is no proof of block chain. The decado coins can only be purchased through BitCoin and that is a big red flag.

Dekado Reviews 

We did not have to go anywhere else, as we found a lot of reviews on their website itself.

Zeeshan: Something going wrong. what happening guys on dekado why no trading… from yesterday anything happened please let me know.

Darshan Sangodkar: 298 btc in sell order within 24 hours. 94 sell orders, top 10 account for 228 btc. Clearly a dump of coins picked up. Does this mean original investors don’t trust this? Last 3 orders for sell is 64 btc worth. Good that the guys pulled it down for maintenance or else this could have crashed.

Comparisons of the above reviews:

The reviews plainly blame the platform for not delivering the expected performance. A mining platform freezes for a minute, costs huge losses to its investors.

There is no way one can trust a mining platform that does not stay close to what it should provie.

The verdict:

Dekado does not provide transparency and has not showcased any certification that cite its authenticity as a legit miner. So, if you wish to save your money and do not want to get stuck with this Ponzi Scheme which only has a referral program to offer, it would be better to keep your paths separate.