CryptoBuzz Corporation Review: Hourly ROI or Another Ponzi Scam

CryptoBuzz Corporation has mentioned on their website about their experience that has been evolving since 2015. However, the domain was registered only a few months back.
CryptoBuzz Corporation Review: Hourly ROI or Another Ponzi Scam
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CryptoBuzz Corporation has not mentioned the names of the founders on its website. There is no information about the members of the company. The domain ( was registered privately on 25th January 2018 as per the WHOIS search. So, I could not find the name of the owner of the domain either.

Instead of featuring the member’s profile, the company has listed an incorporation number on their site that relates to ‘Investellect LTD’. When I further dug into the company details, I found the incorporation details of the UK and the company was incorporated on 10th March 2017.

Also, the company was operating as a Ponzi Scheme and the domain was suspended for improper registration details of the domain. This clearly signifies that CryptoBuzz is a fresh start for Investellect.

There is no verifiable product or service apart from the affiliate program. If you wish to join their affiliate program you must invest at least $10. There is a free entry to the referral bonus, but it would restrict the access to the other perks promised by CryptoBuzz Corporation.

I believe that a company which is not true about its existence and is not transparent with its affiliates should not be trusted.

CryptoBuzz Corporation – Compensation Plan

The anonymous admins of the company lure gullible affiliates for investing into their program for huge ROI that is paid hourly.

  • Standard: You must invest $10 – $50,000 for receiving 30% ROI hourly for 6 hours
  • Professional: You must invest $25 – $50,000 for receiving 40% ROI hourly for 6 hours
  • Hot: You must invest $50 – $50,000 for receiving 60% ROI hourly for 6 hours
  • Excellent: You must invest $100 – $50,000 for receiving 80% ROI hourly for 6 hours
  • VIP: You must invest $150 – $50,000 for receiving 110% ROI hourly for 6 hours
  • VIP+: You must invest $200 – $50,000 for receiving 150% ROI hourly for 6 hours

CryptoBuzz Corporation – Referral Commission

The company follows a uni-level compensation structure to pay referral commission to its affiliates. In a uni-level referral commission, an affiliate is placed on the top of the series. The personally recruited affiliates are placed directly under the affiliate who recruited them.

For example, the affiliates which are recruited by the top affiliate are placed on level 1 under the top affiliate. The affiliates who are recruited by the level 1 affiliates are placed on level 2 and so on. This goes for an infinite number of series or until the platform collapses which is a usual case with all Ponzi Schemes.

The referral commission to the existing affiliates is paid as a percentage of funds invested by the new affiliates. The payment is made till 4th level.

  • Level 1:12%
  • Level 2: 2%
  • Levels 3 & 4: 1%

CryptoBuzz Corporation – Review

Nancy Miller: I tried to click the link on the page that was supposed to send me to their Facebook page. However, it got me to my login page. I am skeptical about the opportunity as it seems bogus. There is not much information listed on the website to make it genuine. I have invested before in such craps and now I am very cautious. So, CryptoBuzz is a big NO.

Duke: Looks the same as others. I won’t be referring anyone to this company. Fake members and non-serious joiners. Looks lame to me.

The Conclusion from the above Reviews

It is pretty obvious that the company is not taking the program seriously. It has been few months and still, the links are not redirected to the correct pages. Most of all, there is no evidence provided to back their claim. Just sweet talks won’t get anything to anyone.

The Verdict

CryptoBuzz Corporation thinks they have all the freedom to talk nonsense and no one would bother. As per the website, the company deems to stand since 2015. However, the domain was registered recently. Even the Investellect whose incorporation details are provided on the website was started last year itself.

This completely makes their claim, just a reason to believe that the admins are lying about almost everything. In addition, the mention of their involvement in forex and cryptocurrency trading has no grounds. They have not provided any proof for the trading happening.

Even if we believe about the expertise of the team, why are they not keeping the profit to themselves? If they can earn 150% ROI hourly, they should have been one of the richest personalities in the world. There is no point in sharing that profit with random over the internet.

By far, I can only confirm about their affiliate recruitment program. This makes this entire program, a Ponzi Scheme.

Once, the recruitment would fail, the ROI will stop as well. This will leave the majority of the affiliates starving for returns. Few who would be joining at the start would be able to take out some profit from the platform but that would be at the cost of scamming innocent people.

If asked for my suggestion, it would be wise staying away from such predators. These anonymous admins who are promising heaven would be the first ones to run away after the platform collapses. So, make your judgment with caution and great research.


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