Crowdfunding Guaranteed Review: Ponzi Scheme masked as Crowdfunding Platform

Crowdfunding Guaranteed may sound as a crowdfunding platform. However, it is a ponzi scheme that is trying to lure investors in the guise of being a crowdfunding platform.
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Although it is advertising itself as the crowdfunding platform, the details have another story to tell. The website of Crowdfunding Guaranteed has no information about the person or persons who own this company. Moreover, the domain ( is registered privately providing no details of the owner of the domain.

While looking for the ‘whois’ for the domain, we found out that the domain was registered in 2015 itself. However, according to the Alexa estimation, the traffic to the website began to surge in the first week of December 2018.

When it comes to product, this company has not much to offer. One can only participate in their affiliate program in lure of ROI. To join the affiliate program, one must pay $29 after every 90 days. After the first payment, the company gets affiliate one silver matrix tier position.

However, it would be not a wise decision to invest in a company that is not entirely transparent. If an MLM company is not true to its investors, it is never going to stay for long. It must be transparent and open about its products and services as well as the future endeavours.

Crowdfunding Guaranteed: Compensation Plan

Crowdfunding Guaranteed runs a matrix cycler to calculate the amount of ROI an affiliate earns. An affiliate can purchase a matrix position ranging from $29 to $400 in a 2×2 matrix cycler with five tier arrangement.

In this cycler, an affiliate is placed on the top. Each position is divided into two further position through direct and indirect recruitment. For example, the top position gets two positions directly under it making for 2 positions on level 2. Each of these two positions further breaks into two more positions on level 3, making a total of 4 positions at level 3.

This goes on the same way to the other levels.

The commissions are paid with the filling of the matrix. The payments are made as under:

  • Silver Positions – This cost $25 – Earns $75
  • Gold Positions – This cost $50 – Earns $150
  • Emerald Positions – This cost $100 – Earns $300
  • Diamond Positions – This cost $200 – Earns $600
  • Crown Positions – This cost $400 – Earns $1200

In this arrangement, the affiliates are allowed to upgrade their position to a higher level manually or through the use of back office commission.

Crowdfunding Guaranteed – Pyramid Recruitment

Those with a Gold cycler tier can earn recruitment commission for an additional of $29. The company pays to all the affiliate for direct and indirect recruitment of affiliate with $29 investment. Do not confuse yourself with the $29 fee that is charged every 90 days. These are apart from that fee.

Crowdfunding Guaranteed – Reviews

Jane: A complete bogus plan. I am unhappy with the payouts and their entire crowdfunding platform.

Duke Seth: This is not what it claims. Scam! Scam! Scam! Stay away.

The Conclusion from the above Reviews

The reviews say it all. The company is not reliable. Most of all, you won’t ever know the person you were paying the money to. Who likes to play a blind game unless it is gambling? And, if that is what you think of it, it is much of a reason to stay away from it.

The Verdict

The company claims to be a crowdfunding platform. However, fails to prove the same. On the contrary, it is a Ponzi Scheme promising its affiliates a 300% ROI in return of their hard earned money.

Unlike real crowdfunding platforms, you need to pay for becoming eligible for receiving payments. The ROI is paid through the subsequent investment making it a complete Ponzi Scheme. The funds invested by the new affiliates are used to the pay the existing ones. What would you call this setup if not Ponzi?

As it happens with every Ponzi Scheme, as the investment will stop coming to the platform, the ROI will stop too. As this is a cycler, as soon as the matrix would stall across the five tier cycler, the entire program will collapse.

The entire program is based on recruitment and once people will be unable to hire more affiliates, the money to the platform will freeze and the entire company would go for a toss.

Those who would be investing at the start, which would mostly consist of the admins and few major investors, will receive some profit. All of the other affiliates will be losing it all.

So, be cautious before trusting Crowdfunding Guaranteed. It will eventually be a flop show.