Craig Grant Steemit Photo at the Middle District Attorney’s Office?

Craig Grant was hauled to the office of the Middle District Attorney. Although the reason is not yet public, the ongoing investigation against Craig being involved in BitConnect Ponzi says it all.

Craig Grant who has been under suspicion radar of FBI as well as SEC believed to be the top net-winner of Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme, was made to appear in the Middle District Attorney’s Office of Florida this 16th November 2018.

There isn’t any firm explanation as of now about why Grant visited the office but the update on the Grant’s Steemit account with pictures of him says a lot in itself. However, there is no further remarks made either by the Middle District Attorney’s Office of Florida or Grant.

The confirmation about the running investigation against Grant from both SEC and FBI surfaced quite some time now. But this was the first time we see him called in the office directly.

We found on the website of The Middle District Attorney’s Office of Florida the following statement”

“More than 11.5 million Floridians reside in our district, making the Middle District of Florida the second most populous district in the nation.

We investigate and prosecute violations of federal criminal law and represent the United States’ interest in civil litigation”

While trying to look for any public comment that Grant may have made, we found nothing. So, we will have to just wait until the updates on the case are revealed.

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