Coinastrix Review: A ponzi Scheme with binary recruitment

Coinastrix has made itself suspicious by not disclosing the names of the people behind its operation. It also has provided no links to the mining and the ROIs. Read more to know if you can trust it.

Coinastrix has published no information about the founders of the company on their website and their terms contain a Mexico address that is not verifiable.

The domain named as ‘’ was registered on 9th July 2017 but the information is hidden, and I couldn’t track much insight about the company formation or the owners.

I could not find any relation between the bitcoin mining and the ROIs. So, I can only vouch for affiliate recruitment program currently being active at Coinastrix.

To join Coinastrix, one need to make 0.003 to 10 BTC investment.

The Compensation Plan at Coinastrix

The compensation plan is based on the promised ROI and the company has different plans for different investment slots.

Nano – You need to invest 0.003 BTC to receive 200% ROI in 60 days

Micro – You need to invest 0.006 BTC to receive 200% ROI in 60 days

Mini – You need to invest 0.009 BTC to receive 200% ROI in 60 days

  • Astrix1 – You need to invest 0.02 BTC to receive 200% ROI which is made through binary commissions and there is no fixed ROI
  • Astrix2 – You need to invest 0.05 BTC to receive 200% ROI in 90 days
  • Astrix3 – You need to invest 0.15 BTC to receive 200% ROI in 75 days
  • Astrix4 – You need to invest 0.5 BTC to receive 200% ROI in 75 days
  • Astrix5 – You need to invest 1 BTC to receive 200% ROI in 75 days
  • Astrix6 – You need to invest 2 BTC to receive 200% ROI in 60 days
  • Astrix7 – You need to invest 4 BTC to receive 200% ROI in 50 days
  • Astrix8 – You need to invest 6 BTC to receive 200% ROI in 60 days
  • Astrix9 – You need to invest 10 BTC to receive 200% ROI in 90 days

The residual commission is paid at Coinastrix via binary structure. Here an affiliate at placed at the top. After every next level, the affiliates are divided into two sides of one affiliate making left and right side.

Please remember that there is no limit to the level of the affiliate. Before closing each day, Coinastrix matches new investment volume made on both sides of each level of binary structure and the affiliates are paid a percentage of matched volume.

The percentage depends on the Coinastrix affiliate’s investment:

  • Astrix1 – 6%
  • Astrix2 – 7%
  • Astrix3 – 8%
  • Astrix4 – 11%
  • Astrix5 – 13%
  • Astrix6 – 15%
  • Astrix7 – 18%
  • Astrix8 – 21%
  • Astrix9 – 25%

Coinastrix reviews 

Johan: I am happy to invest in Coinastrix. I made profits more than 30% in a day. I was amazed and would keep investing.

Neon: This was a wild guess. After hearing a lot of fuss about bitcoins, I invested in this one and guess what, this was the lucky one for me.

Comparisons of the above reviews

As I have always mentioned, there is no doubt that few will reap the benefit of this Ponzi Scheme at start, but it will soon show its true colour and then the downfall will start. So, invest wisely and make the right choice. Easy money is not always as easy as it sounds.

The verdict

The company provides no proof of the bitcoin mining and supposed to be running the affiliate recruitment program to pay ROIs.

This brings us to the Ponzi Scheme where one affiliate slows down making the entire downline helpless.

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