CoinPlace.Trade Review: Huge ROI plans for three tier investments

Coin Place provides no information about the founders of the company and there is no proof illustrated on their website to show any connection between the cryptocurrency trading and the ROIs. Read more to know if it can be trusted or not.
CoinPlace.Trade Review: Huge ROI plans for three tier investments
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Coin Place which flaunts cryptocurrency trading as its ruse to ROIs, provides no information on the website about the founder or owner of the company. They have provided the address as ACT, Australia which is a block address and there is no proof that the company has a physical address at the location.

The domain ( is privately registered. Hence, we could not get into the details of the owner of the domain. However, we discovered that the domain is recently bought on 27th September 2017.

We checked on few websites to come up with the names of the countries which are highest provider for traffic to Coin Place. Japan topping the list stands at 38% with Russia following Japan at 13%. This data signifies that the owner of the company is most likely related to one of these countries.

The company is active on the VKontakte social media portal which makes the possibility of owner being from Russia, stronger. In addition, the Facebook page of Coin Place has a lot of Russian names associated to it.

We tried to find connection of the company with cryptocurrency trading, however, couldn’t come up with the evidences that matched their claim. The only product that a user can utilize to associate with the company is the affiliate recruitment program.

Coin Place provide free access to the program, but to participate into the full program, one needs to invest a minimum of $10.

Coin Place – Compensation Plan

Like all other Ponzi program, Coin Place offer ROIs in return of the invested fund. There are three plans that the investors can choose to reap the advertised benefit.

  • Starter Plan – You need to invest $10 – $500 to receive 110% ROI which happens after 15 days
  • Medium Plan – You need to invest $25 – $10,000 to receive 6% ROI daily for 20 days
  • Investor Plan – You need to invest $50 – $10,000 to receive 5% ROI daily for 30 days

Coin Place – Referral Commission

Coin Place provides three levels of affiliate commission:

  • Level 1: 8%
  • Level 2: 3%
  • Level 3: 1%

Coin Place reviews 

Владимир Холодков: Эффективность проекта очевидна по показателям работы

The review is in Russia; hence I have translated it to English.

Vladimir Kholodkov : Project Performance is clear.

Anastasia Investorova: Крутой проект

The review is in Russia; hence I have translated it to English.

Anastasia Investorova: Cool Project.

Comparisons of the above review

These reviews are general and does not provide any facts about the company’s operation. In addition, it is not lucid if the reviews are from the affiliates or the company’s people itself.

The Verdict

Coin Place flaunts about the cryptocurrency trading on their website but provides no proof for the same. Which brings us to the affiliate program being the only source of ROIs. This makes Coin Place, a Ponzi Scheme.

The company has mentioned that they had system in place for trading which entirely contradicts the need for raised funds from the investors.

I would like to advice all who are interested in spending their money in the company, to research about it thoroughly before taking the call. Also, it would be better not to get struck with the company that is not true to its customers.


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