Caller Soliciting Money Pretending from Sheriff’s Office

Caller pretends to be calling from Sheriff's office to scam citizens of DeKalb County.

There have been fraud calls made to the people of DeKalb County asking for missing payments or Jury duty. The caller pretends to be calling from the administrative department of DeKalb County’s office as one of the Sheriff’s officer demanding payment of jury duty missed.

In case anyone misses the call, the suspect leaves a voice mail with a call back number. The number if not from the Sheriff’s office but a personal phone number. In last few days, there have been three complaints registered with the same issue. The spoofing phone calls made to the citizen have started to bother more number of people and would continue to increase if won’t be stopped.

To ensure that no more citizen is trapped in the scam, the officers from Sheriff’s office has started warning people about the fraudulent call. The officers are reminding people that no money would ever be asked to be paid by calling the phone numbers. The sheriff’s office is repeatedly trying to increase awareness among the citizens that these kinds of calls can cost them huge monetary losses.

Citizens are made aware of such instances and are requested to keep a tap on the calls that reach them. Scams like this isn’t new and must be restricted from happening every now and then. Any call that does not feel right should be reported right away.

The officers have urged to bring in to notice any phone call of such nature to the police department as soon as one gets the call. Failing to report the calls may not harm the one who ignores it but would cost a lot who gets it the next time. Hence, it is responsibility of every citizen to act as fast as possible when contacted by the scammer.

They have also shared a phone number to report such cases. Citizens can call Sheriff’s office at 815-895-2155 when identified as a fraudulent call.