Borbon VXL scam

We are in contact with all the parties to prosecute this website and the fraudulent activity of the same scam organization, now active more on crypto Vxl Dollar and the offshore Bank - Vxl Bank.
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I would like to introduce a new scam coin, VXLD or Vxl Dollar. They posted a post again after the first one was already moderated as a scam and deleted by them, leaving just a dot. This was their previous post months ago (promoting to have 2 billion dollars in GOLD, now 4 billion in Nickel):

I will not mention their website .com to avoid more clicks on it.

I know the people behind this criminal network very well because I was frauded by them of 175 bitcoin, and I’m waiting to start the court criminal case I’m waiting for.

These people are based in Marbella, Malaga province of Spain. They are also very active in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and sometimes they visit New York, Londo, Vienna, and Ibiza.

After 3-4 years of inactivity, I have seen them build around ten websites, many domains, and the essential websites were deleted. Still, I have all the print screens deposited to the lawyer’s office and court.

These people are stuck with the brand “VXL.”

The main fraud scheme began in 2017-2018 when they scammed the first two investors. The main project was the creation of an offshore bank in Sao Tome and Principe, the smallest African country.

The reason was that in the company they promoted as an investment, there was on the board Francisco de Borbon y essay cousin of the King Carlo I of Spain, and his son, Francisco de Borbon von Handerberg, the son also of a princess and stakeholder of the most prominent car dealers in Germany with over 1 billion sales per year.

Another guy, Swedish, Reza Ebrat, and recently another friend since child age, is active now in the web design of some of their websites like vxl. Network before being deleted and since a few days back at work.

Please be very careful, and DO NOT INVEST ANY MONEY in this stablecoin. Will be money lost. They do not target their via exchange or the web their victims but usually face-to-face in meetings, especially at parties in Marbella and Puerto Banus in Spain, Malaga area, where they spend most of the time partying and trying to catch tourists or older adults and try to convince to invest in one of their nets.

If you have any doubts, ask; I wish to help somebody they have already been scammed.

We have an email [email protected] where we can help reach lawyers working on a criminal case against them in Spain. It will be FREE at no charge! Just justice. after my post, the scammers, deleted the content from the “Partners” page.

The partner’s page was included till a few days ago:

Direct partnership with the Royal Family of Spain, the Government of Dubai & Abu Dhabi, and other governments

Their previous website “SCG TRUST,” deleted and warned by the FMA in Liechtenstein (, had a similar structure; they were publishing partnerships with all the authorities of wealthy countries like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, and more. I contacted all of them, which is an example of the answer; then, they deleted everything.

This is one of the answers of the Authority of Abu Dhabi, and then they acted against them to ask for removal:

This group has a lot of contact with rich people, hiding behind them. But not all the rich or ex-rich people have a clean past.

I will write later about how they convinced Thomas Kramer (, a friend of this scam circle, to promote in his website about the whole fantastic network of SCG Trust and Banco VXL (the first doesn’t exist, and website deleted, and the second still under construction, no license, and no working).

Thomas Kramer’s website: a page promoting his friends: and via Linkedin with fake information and licenses that didn’t exist. page with “team,” including his friend

Here is a message from Thomas Kramer confirming to have deleted all the connections and relationships with his friends because other people reported all that we see in the proofs. Thomas Kramer was removed from his website and Linkedin. I show plus what I know in my first person because I scammed:

Again, I have to show you the previous whitepaper of Vxl Dollar, which they wrote, a part of the fake license with FINCEN for their business, that they have banks for Vxl Dollar in Taiwan, the unique they accepted the crypto business. But the funny part is that VXL BANK or Banco VXL owns Vxl Dollar. The state is active in 2018 and a leading bank.

Unfortunately, till today 17 July, is under construction, and every week, they change templates and watch which kind of script and webmaster on the web will make them fake-banking pages to give smoke to the eyes of victims).

We persist in building with webmasters vxl bank website copying the story and text from “Revolut” fintech history. archived proof for the future:

2016: 15.000.000$ fundraising and 100.000 personal accounts!
2017: 66.000000$ fundraising and they even were a crypto trading bank for EEA.
2018: Bank of the license granted by Lithuania, 250.000.000$ additional funding
2019: Expansion in Australia and Singapore
2020: Launch in Japan and USA. And Poland! SERIE D for additional 580.000.000$ financing.
14.5 million customers, and today they state to have 18.000.000 customers.

August Update: It was a great month.

1. We found other people in UAE that was going to get scammed. At the moment, only in Dubai-AbuDhabi, we saved over 14.000.000$ from attempted scams. Please continue to email us at [email protected]; your help was very appreciated.

2. We found three other individuals involved in their network, and the head in recent attempted scams operations remains people connected and or directed by Borbon-Ebrat – John Fred Kennedy – Mohammad Ali Zandi Goharizzi

3. Crypto community probably protested Twitter and Instagram, removing their two profiles with hundreds of posts. Here are the proofs: Instagram: Twitter:

Please report their page to Facebook and LinkedIn so they will evaluate these people’s high risk of scam attempts.

we are asking for the removal from Ico Holder of the attempt to show to be a legit crypto project
ICO HOLDER didn’t do the due diligence about these people, to don’t say to any of their fake or nonexistent companies.

6. After the warning of FMA in Liechtenstein, these peoples continue to move in the financial world, moving our capitals. The Financial Market Authority of Austria and Luxembourg was alerted of some movements and high-risk money laundering.

The main heads of the scam, Francisco de Borbon and Reza Ebrat, moved around 4.000.000$ in Luxembourg special vehicles to buy a stake in an Austrian bank, Wiener PrivatBank, and this stake was probably sold by one of the owners Gunter Kebler and his holding company K5 Beteiligungs GmbH.

Here is the proof:
Furthermore, the J&O Forest Fund company mentioned in the documents we know who is or was linked to another friend of their circle (Markus Olvestad, Swedish ) that knew precisely what these people were doing as a business and helped them probably to launder the money.

All this was passed to Police and authorities for investigation. Everything will come soon with an answer; we believe in the controls.

7. After the abuse of logos, names, fake partnerships with Europe governments, the Royal Family of Spain, etc. (already deleted from their other website VXL), we reported the VxlDollar website again, and it is under investigation; other abuse of logos, partnership and trading names of Dubai and Abu Dhabi authorities. All the rules and the Police of Dubai and Abu Dhabi are contacted. We wait now; they act.

2 September update:

The scammer network continues to build new accounts and new domains. They continue with force to add, add and add new material, new names, new parts, and new Instagram account to try to reach their goal, confuse their victim, and hit them.

These are the latest websites found and proof of Francisco de Borbon even following them, another proof of the circle network working on every fake website and account, together and or laundering the scam victims’ money.

The scammer network doesn’t stop every day; every day continues to create and delete content with brutal force to continue in its intention to scam its victims using the name of the Royal Family of Spain, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Government of Spain, UAE, Monaco, Central Banks affiliations and more.

We will continue to investigate and track every step of the scam organization. Many countries’ central banks, Financial Market Authorities, and Police are reading this. Soon, international cooperation will secure and protect investors and proceed against this network.

In Italy, they would call already an association mafia-like association. I just remembered that in Spain, an individual was sentenced to 9 years of jail for a scam of fewer than 100.000 euros acting to be in the management of Apple.

The use of Royal Family names, Governments, Central Banks, Princes, Kings, Sheiks, and being part of the royal family, as stated by the same scammers, will be much higher responsibility and intention to scam using the power of the name to convince the investor to enter in the circle of such organizations and families.

Update of changes to the other scam website: VXL PAYMENT SCAM

The scheme is always the same. From the board of responsible directors, shareholders, etc.. magically disappear the same names or the Royal Family of Spain.

This was the board page in the internet archive snapshots:
This is the board page today:

Magically the names of Francisco de Borbon are deleted.
The name of Francisco de Borbon is still visible on other pages and the internet in many snapshots.
For example, here, even at the date today:
Image proof in case of deletion:

The fraud scheme is the same, to target a poor victim that could believe to just a fake website. The fraud scheme is the same: targeting a poor victim that could feel like just a fake website—their activity, false claims, and scam.

Here they show the clients implemented; we are speaking of Zara, Wish, Gucci, Mattel, Samsung, Benetton, Prada, Puma, Air Europa, Sears, and other very, very big names.

Proof here:

Image proof:

Again after they show the “client results” after they used VXL, we are speaking in this table of just a selection of customers for over 13.5 billion in sales transacted through their imaginary hong kong company business. Here is the proof:

Again they continue below they state to be a partner of 24 Solutions AB, a company, Swedish, now with its website down, under investigation. Before, from snapshots, it’s apparent that they were stated to be a partner of Certitrade AB, while fake financial documents showed that investors were said to be even a shareholder and owner of Certitrade AB, always in Sweden.

Image proof:

We are in contact with all the parties to prosecute this website and the fraudulent activity of the same scam organization, now active more on crypto Vxl Dollar and the offshore Bank – Vxl Bank.

Update 3 September:

I talked about the VXL BANK scam, ex-owner of VXL DOLLAR, then magically moved as ownership to various persons or even to
the royal family of Spain, as stated by the scammers.

Script where they run the bank is here:
You can do the same with just 69$ here:

This is all the infrastructure after millions of dollars of investors’ funds.

In the past few days, the VXL BANK website (still under construction with millions of pages that wants to create fraud with imaginary services the targeted victims, changed at the bottom of the page this information:

1. VXL Bank SA  is an authorized EMI agent working under PAA Capital S.E. license (Nr. 05730848) supervised by the Central Bank of the Czech Republic for the distribution and redemption of electronic money.

2. VXL Bank S.A. is a financial institution supervised by the Central Bank of Sao Tome and Principe.

Proof here:

In a few words: VXL Bank website states to be governed by the Central Bank of Sao Tome and Principe, without saying which kind of institution it is, a license, nothing.

Also, visiting the central bank website is impossible to find any information. At the same time, on Wikipedia more times they edited the list of banks in Sao Tome, adding “Vxl Bank” as a BANK.

Website of the central bank of Sao Tome:

Again, VXL BANK has partnered with the PAA CAPITAL SE, an e-money license issued by the central bank of the Czech Republic. As a small license, we double the central bank of the Czech Republic is aware of such use of their right to help a shady institution from the smallest African country with its history of a fraud scheme to get access to the European Union to give an illusion to European investors of a lawful business, a legal company.

So we have to talk now about who PAA CAPITAL SE PAA CAPITAL was already added in the partners of many websites of the scam network, from vxl  .network when it was a page with logos and links to partners, to SCG fake trust, up to VXL DOLLAR stablecoin.

Here is the proof of some snapshots:

Contacting PAA CAPITAL, the CEO informed us that he was not aware of such a partnership and asked for the removal of all that
information from the network of scammers.

Conclusions: VXL BANK is starting a fake partnership again with PAA CAPITAL to take advantage and abusing of their name and license to harm investors thinking to have a legal structure, a legal business, a real business in Europe promoting everything from banking to insurance, to crypto, investments, deposits and so on, and not its past as we know of scammers, or it is collaborating really for some reason with them opening to a new scenario of responsibilities of the European licensed firm in helping to launder the money or other illicit business.

We tried to contact the CEO of PAA CAPITAL, but unfortunately, he changed his numbers and is not answering emails.

If so, we will have to contact all the authorities to get an alarm about what is happening.

Soon we will update! Many authorities are already informed and are coordinating the reading of the set of files we sent them.

——————– —————— —————-

Update 4 September: 51-200 fake employees for Lattice. network

After the authorities read and investigated: has deleted the statements to be a bank licensed in Sao Tome, removed!

Here is the proof of today:

Here is the proof till yesterday:

The central bank of Sao Tome reacted.

We are now waiting for the Central Bank of the Czech Republic to stop the criminal and act against the scam organized by the Royal Family of Spain and PAA CAPITAL SE, using with authorization or not, a license that should not be valid because under liquidation.

However, the activities and intentions of the criminal are apparent to the sunlight. We are always waiting for the FMA to act against money laundering.

———  ———-  ———-
Update 5 September 2022

They shut down the vxl. Network ( VXL NETWORK ). Here is the proof of what it is like now, with the removal of all the fake partners and names of the staff

They also removed from the VXL DOLLAR website all the fake (dozen) affiliations to the government of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, the Royal House of Spain ( ), the Security Commission of Abu Dhabi, Governments, and Central banks.

Here is the proof of how it is now:

It is missing now just the Central Bank of the Czech Republic and PAA CAPITAL. After that, we will go again on VXL DOLLAR and fake claims on other files we found. Also, we are going to shut down all the exchanges VXLD tokens running just with fake trades (BOTs)

Update 6 September

VXL BANK website ADD AGAIN (in a few hours) to be licensed and supervised by the Central Bank of Sao Tome as a financial institution, without mention of “bank.”

While we investigated again on the website of the Central Bank of the Czech Republic, the EMI license mentioned that PAA CAPITAL is under liquidation, not supervised and licensed anymore, only monitoring the liabilities of the previous business.

This has a date of December 2021, which would make a desperate act of the scammer network again to use all their contacts to achieve their goal of targeting victims of their frauds by showing a license with a Central Bank, in this case, The Czech Republic and “EMI” as promoted at the bottom of the homepage.

Again this is a false claim. Here is the proof:

Update 13 September

We received this threat today. As always, the use of terms and email with words the criminals deal with daily, “kill” and “cheat.”

The message clearly from Borbon-Ebrat, as is shown clearly in the note to have a “team” of people acting dirty in the criminal network as they did on Instagram, Twitter, Websites, Governments, Princes, and Royal Houses affiliations:

From: Kill Reputation <[email protected]>
Subject: Warning
Date: 13 September 2022 at 00:33:46 CEST
To: [email protected]

Every action has consequences. But since you play this game @, here is a fair warning. Do you think only you can write reviews and complaints against someone you hate? One review? Ten reviews?

Let’s see how you deal with hundreds of reviews, on business and personal, against you, your family, and your friends. After 48 hrs, my team will start writing reviews on you and anything you people are associated with. and you’re blamed 100%.

Your reputation on google will be finished forever. If you start a  new business after 1 yr, we will ruin it online. You know what to do in 24 hrs. if not, this will be the last and final chance to stop what’s coming. Why drag our partners into your game? Remove the forum post or be ready. fair warning

Binance and Coinbase also be informed this week of all the wallets and names used in the scam I.P. addresses used in this scam, and I’m sure this additional proof will put much more responsibility on one of the three key individuals running the scam.

Also, people near them, getting paid, are already collaborating with us, and they can’t even imagine who they are,e and will testify against them at the right point.

Some of them receive as payment VXLD, the fake dollars that can’t even sell on the exchange because all the businesses they use are running with bots and have no real liquidity.

Exchange is already informed of this, and soon they will delist VXLD, run by the criminal organization.

Also, we remember to stop all the criminal activity, scams, and threats, at the difference of his primary job as a criminal, deleting LinkedIn profiles, Crunchbase profiles, and websites, and dealing with fraudsters well-known or criminals, or Mafias as reported to us; he should concentrate on starting a new life working as all the people does.

We do not have anything to hide. We write and show what everybody can see; all this is a criminal and scam case.

The difference between us defending consumers, victims of fraud, internet users, the crypto community, all your I.P. addresses, wallets, accounts at exchanges, tax fraud, and money laundering will be strictly examined and prosecuted.

Finally, we remind criminals that we are not responsible for all the posts on the internet. Many independent journalists and investigators are on the case and doing their job. The point is massive.

As you told your people near you, the bubble is already significant, many people are scammed, and you are spending your money to increase the criminal network’s activity. This will end badly.

You had your choice and chance to deal with and fix it. Still, you are choosing the wrong path showing your animal and criminal nature, leaving families and kids with no food and no health insurance while spending every day on luxury items, dining, and traveling worldwide.

Thank you for this post, and the link is handy; you should post this before when I was nearly alone fighting the group.

This is a considerable input because I was the one to fight with FMA in Liechtenstein to shut down the SCG TRUST website with fake licenses and fake authorizations.

Update 30 September: We informed all the forums and closed the relationship directly with Mr. Bijan Burnar. That didn’t have the results promised to fix the scam, and this was the last chance; I won’t give you any other opportunity to speak directly until the case is resolved. We will continue our battle.

Next steps:

1. VXL BANK continues to abuse fake claims about licenses. The Central Bank of the Czech Republic will act shortly against PAA CAPITAL

2. All the information deleted from [Redacted] will be collected and introduced in Bitcoin Talk or reported by the independent investigators helping this criminal case.

3. Monaco: We have to contact Monaco again and alert them about the scam. Everyone knows everything from the Prince Albert Foundation to the Yacht Club of Montecarlo and many other organizations.

These people have to be banned from the circle with all the proofs we had, and as for moderate comments of the newbies here stating that it is impossible to think that Burnard is not responsible for anything with his name everywhere, even in support charts in Telegram. We will bring all the light with no chance of doubts.

4. Royal House of Spain: The Royal House of Spain is waiting for info about the criminal organization; those who are victims can contact us at [email protected] or [email protected] to get the direct email of the Chief of Royal Family to collect your case. Soon we will have a big update on this.