BizKinz Review: Selling AdPacks to Cover Up for Ponzi Scheme

BizKinz uses recruitment plans to pay commission to its affiliates. While AdPacks are just a diversion to seem legit.

BizKinz, like every other illegitimate MLM company provides no information on their website about who owns the company. Or, they do not have any names who are running the company or are responsible for its operation. When I checked the domain information, I found out that the domain ( of the company was registered in 2013 and was again updated on 2018.     However, the registration being set to private, did not allow me to check the name of the owner of the domain either.

Also, the company provides no products or services that the affiliates can further sell to others. Apart from the affiliate membership plan, there is no another way to connect with the company to enjoy the benefits of its compensation plan.

The company does provide access to its advertising credits. These credits can be utilized to exhibit ads to the other affiliates. The affiliate must invest $3.99 to access the full benefits. Those joining with the free membership plan have limited admittance to the compensation benefits.

The plans may seem enticing, however, it is always wise not to invest in an MLM company that is not transparent and does not have a future prospect.

BizKinz – The Compensation Plan

The company lures the affiliates to pay $3.99 for the Ad packs. Once the affiliate purchases the AdPacks, he becomes eligible for the 30% commission on the direct recruits who also invest in the AdPacks. Those who do not buy AdPacks themselves, only receive 10% from the affiliate recruitment with AdPack purchases.

BizKinz – The Residual Commission

The company uses 3×12 matrix to pay residual commission to its affiliates. In this matrix position, an affiliate is placed on the top and three affiliates positions go right under each affiliate. The level 1 has three affiliates right under the top affiliate.

On level 2, there are a total of nine affiliates with three affiliates under each of the level 1 affiliate and so on.

Affiliates use direct and indirect recruitment to fill the matrix positions. The commission are paid when the affiliates recruited purchase the AdPacks as below:

  • Purchasing of AdPack on level 1: 40 cents
  • Purchasing of AdPack on levels 2 till 12: 20 cents

BinKinz – The AdPack Plans

The affiliates are encouraged to continuously but the AdPacks for receiving the benefits of the compensation plan.

  • Plan 1: An affiliate must purchase one AdPack to qualify for the commissions for 1 month
  • Plan 2: An affiliate must purchase three AdPacks to qualify for the commissions for 3 months
  • Plan 3: An affiliate must purchase five AdPacks to qualify for the commissions for 6 months
  • Plan 4: An affiliate must purchase nine AdPacks to qualify for the commissions for 12 months

BizKinz – The Reviews

John Shane: What a bogus plan. This is not a genuine company and has the worst support. Do not trust these people.

Lane: I am not able to get hold of anyone. Are you a human? My commissions do not show up and there is no one to help me out.

The Conclusion from the above Reviews

The company seems indifferent to the complaints of its affiliates. There is no way one should invest in a company that does not take care of its member’s problems.

The Verdict

What else it can be? You join the program by paying a set fee. And, then recruit others to get your commission. BizKinz is an old school pyramid scheme with nothing new to put on the table. The company is only using AdPacks to disguise themselves from not being a Ponzi scheme. However, the trick did not work.

As it happens with every Ponzi Scheme, once the recruitment will die, the commission will also stop. The majority of the affiliates will lose money. Those joining at the start may have something to cover for their loss. However, most of the affiliates will lose their hard earned savings.

All the money will go to the account of the anonymous admins who would never return back the invested amount.

Hence, if you wish to save your savings from getting trapped in this bogus plan, stay away from BizKinz. Or else, you will only repent later.