BitFund4U Review: Old Gifting Scheme MLM Model

BitFund4U is a typical gifting scheme with no reliable products or services to depend on. The company depends on the recruitment of new affiliates and paying the existing participants its share of bitcoin.
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The BitFund4U website is plain and lacks a lot of crucial information. The names of the owners of the website is absent from the website. There is no mention of anyone who is responsible for the operations of the company. The domain ( was also registered privately leaving no marks about the owner of the domain. The website was registered on 20th March 2019.

Talking about the products, the company has no products or services that could be retailed. The only way to connect with this website is by joining their affiliate recruitment program. To join Bitfund4U, one must pay ten 0.005 BTC gifting payments.

However, I believe that an MLM company which is not true about its operations and minds behind its start is always a bad choice. The promises for great returns often lead to huge losses.

BitFund4U – The Compensation Plan

Admins encourage new affiliates to gift bitcoins to the existing affiliates. In return, the new affiliates are made eligible for receiving bitcoin gifts from other new affiliates recruited after them. Once affiliates sign up for the program, 10 referral links are sent to them for sending the gifting bitcoins, 0.005 BTC to each address.

After paying to all the listed referral links, the affiliate receives its own BitFund4U referral links for receiving payments.

This link has the addresses of top 10 BitFund4U affiliates and the wallet address of the newly recruited affiliate at the bottom of the link. If you recruit new affiliates yourself, you receive your own website list. The list has your name on the ninth place. Following the same pattern, an affiliate receives gifting payments of 0.005 BTC down to eight level of recruitment.

The admins use 2×8 matrix for tracking the payments which is capped at each level as follow:

  • Level 1: It is capped for 2 payments
  • Level 2: It is capped for 4 payments
  • Level 3: It is capped for 8 payments
  • Level 4: It is capped for 16 payments
  • Level 5: It is capped for 32 payments
  • Level 6: It is capped for 64 payments
  • Level 7: It is capped for 128 payments
  • Level 8: It is capped for 256 payments

Remember, that every two first positions on the BitFund4U website is of admins.

BitFund4U – Reviews

Ronald: This is a bogus company with no ethics. You will never receive your payments and would be damned to ruin other’s lives as well. Stay away from these fraudsters.

John: I started with this website as my first MLM program. I know little about how these things worked. However, I have learnt the hard way. These people whosoever are behind the company’s operation are completely unempathetic. These people only work for money and would ask you do the same. A perfect scam to fraud others.

The Conclusion from the above Reviews

The reviews say it all. The company is like many other MLM programs that lacks trust and credibility. The structure is designed in such a way that only the admins who started the entire thing would be benefited in the last.

The Verdict

The company is offering the same old gifting scheme wrapped in its own brand. Despite being completely obvious, it claims to have the most unique and new concept for its investors.

As it always happens, gifting scheme does not last for long. Only until the gullible users join the scheme, the company stays up. As soon as the recruitment dries, the company shuts off. If you go back and see the past results, most of the ending are worse.

Most of the users never even received their initial payments as well. The majority of the participants lose money in the hands of anonymous scammers. Hence, I would suggest not to be a part of this fraud and choose the right company.