BitCentrix Review: A chain of HYIP associated with the owner’s name

BitCentrix has hidden all the information about the company formation and its owners by eliminating the 'About Us' page from their website. Do you think you can trust someone who is not transparent? Please read more to take the right decision.
BitCentrix Review: A chain of HYIP associated with the owner’s name
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It seems that BitCentric is shy to provide information about the owners of the company. The website does not contain an ‘About Us’ page itself. All it has, is a bit of generic marketing and stocks images that do not reveal much information about the company or its operation.

The domain (‘’) has the registration date as 2nd October 2017 and was recently updated on 12th September 2017. The domain is listed under the name of Farhan Khan that seems to be a pseudo name. He is from Punjab, Pakistan. There are other HYIP programs “” and “” which are listed under the same person’s name.

The company does not have any product other than the affiliate recruitment program. BItCentrix offers free registration with the affiliate program. But, if one needs to avail the full participation, one has to invest a minimum of $10.

BitCentrix: Compensation Plan

BitCentrix offer ROIs in exchange of the affiliate investment. The funds are invested for huge promised ROIs.

  • Plan 1: You need to invest $10 – $500 to receive 110% ROI in 1 day
  • Plan 2: You need to invest $501 – $2500 to receive 140% ROI in 3 days
  • Plan 3: You need to invest $2501 – $50,000 to receive 200% ROI in 10 days

A unilevel compensation plan is followed to pay the affiliates for new recruitments. The direct recruited affiliates are placed on 2nd level. The affiliates recruited by the 2nd level are placed on 3rd level and it goes to unlimited numbers of level.

The cap is made for the unilevel payment is at 10th level and the percentage of payment goes as below:

  • Level 1 – 10%
  • Level 2 to 10 – 2%

BitCentrix Reviews 

Julian: I invested a little and received a huge profit. This is a great plan and I will stick to it for longer.

Matt: I received my commission a bit late and was not the exact amount that I thought I would. Although, I made profit, I do not think I can go further with the company. People are lazy, and everything take a lot of time.

Comparison of the above reviews:

The first review is a generic one. Even if the profit is made, it is not quite sure if it would sustain any longer. The second review, on the contrary reveals the bad service which is not surprising in this case. So, it still does not provide any concrete reason to invest in this program.

The Verdict

The company claims that the trick to pay the affiliates is through bitcoin and other coins mining. However, there is no proof for the same and only way for paying these affiliates which holds true, is its MLM program.

Why a company which makes 200% growth in every 10 days through bitcoin mining, would like to share its profit among its affiliates?

Through our research, it is clear that company only uses affiliate program to pay its downlines which makes it a Ponzi Scheme.

Update: After our post went live, they have placed about us page on their website. Now you should have clear idea on their scheme 🙂


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