Is BitCase a Ponzi scheme?

BitCase has given people a lot of hope about the future ahead with huge ROI. But, do you think that a company that does not talk much about itself and has given a reason to doubt it, can be trusted? Let us know more about BitCase and what world think about its offerings?
Is BitCase a Ponzi scheme?
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MLM scams are not new, still we get trapped into the Ponzi schemes that sound too good to be true. High-Yield Investment Programs (HYIP) catch our attention as soon as we learn about them.

This is where you can make the right decision and find a way out before becoming one of their victims. It is not that easy though.

The returns are so attractive, that you are convinced to give it a chance.

Not all HYIPs are scam, but most of them are. So, you need to focus on those which can help you achieve what they promise.

Here is a review of BitCase which is one of the HYIPs that has a long list of remunerations promises which make it fall under the suspicious list of providers.

To start with, BitCase’s website does not provide the information about the owners or about those who are involved in the operation of the company.

The domain registration is also done privately. Isn’t this signal about a scam? There is more to the story.

The Facebook page was created by an account under the name of ‘Mark Rogers’, was itself created on 9th November.

The basic research before handling your money to an MLM company is about finding the information about the person behind it.

If you cannot find a connection, think before lending your money.

The second part that should ring bells, is the product that these companies offer. Is that product useful or are they at all offering any products or services that could be termed as retail-able.

In case of BitCase, there are no products or services, they only offer to market their affiliate program.

How to join BitCase?

You would be attracted by their free joining plan. However, without a surprise, you would only be entitled for their affiliate referral program. To participate in the major income opportunities, you will have to invest a minimum of 0.005 BTC.

If you look at their compensation plan, you would be disappointed by the way they have structured it. The three tier Ponzi scheme is obvious bait for those who do not know how these MLM programs work.

BitCase ROI can be received hourly or daily as per the following plan:

  • To receive a 2.3% ROI daily for continuous 7 days, you need to invest 0.005 to 0.290 BTC.
  • To receive a 2.7% ROI daily for 14 days, you need to invest 0.3 to 3.09 BTC.
  • To receive a 0.17% ROI hourly for 672 hours, you need to invest 3.1 to 10 BTC.

The commission is received on the funds invested by their recruited affiliate which is then made available for two levels of recruitment.

Level 1 which is the personally recruited affiliates earn you 4% of the invested funds while the level 2 will earn you 2%.

BitCase Reviews

Review 1:

John: I never thought I could earn such a huge profit. I woke up with $4368.5 in my account and the next thing I remember is calling my girlfriend to invite her for dinner to a 5 star restaurant. This company is awesome. Who does not like money rolling in without making an effort for it?

Review 2:

Lisa: My friend introduced me to BitCase. Although, I was skeptical at first, I joined because I wanted to explore this side of the investment option as well. In the first week itself, I made a profit of $3097.78. Isn’t it amazing? Since then, it has only multiplied. Not for once, there was a loss that I saw in my account. I am thankful to my friend. BitCase rocks.

Understanding of the two reviews:

The two reviews make no sense. One, there cannot be flat profits. The profits depend on market and review 2 states that she never had any loss with the account.

That makes this review a fake one. I won’t say that huge profits are not possible.

It sure is. But, the first review talks about profit but did not mention the way it was achieved.

Nothing happens overnight, and if it happens, there are a lot of hard work associated with it. These reviews are not legit and I can smell the scam behind them.

The Verdict

As stated earlier, as they have not disclosed the information about the organizers, they cannot be trusted.

In addition, there is no evidence of the bitcoin mining and trading is reflected from their website which is supposed to be the bait for the investors.

This company uses funds from the new investors to pay the old ones which is an implication that they are offering nothing more than a Ponzi Scheme.


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