Bit4G Review: A Ponzi Scheme promising 49% monthly ROI

Bit4G is running a cryptocurreny lending Ponzi Scheme and has kept all the details about the company's existence, hidden. Affiliate program is the only product it offers. Know if you can trust this company or not.
Bit4G Review: A Ponzi Scheme promising 49% monthly ROI
1 (20%) 2 votes claims to provide cryptocurrency mining to its users, however, fails to establish trust through operating a business which lacks transparency. Bit4G has not disclosed the names behind the company on its website. There is no reference to those who own or run the operation of Bit4G.

The domain ( was registered recently on 11th October 2017 without clear specification of owner’s name and address. The owner’s name has been put as ‘Bit 4G’ and the address is of London, UK. After researching about the address, we discovered that the address fits to Garden Studios. The company provides virtual address to other companies. Hence, a physical presence of Bit4G does not seem apparent.

Bit4G can be joined for free, but the full access to the affiliate program requires a minimum of $100 investment. Although, it claims for providing cryptocurrency mining, the only product that we could make out with our research, is affiliate program. This is the only way to connect with the company.

Bit4G – Compensation Plan

The affiliates invest real money into Bit4G in exchange of B4G points. These points are further lent back to the company for the promised ROI.

  • Plan 1: You need to invest $100 – $1000 to receive up to 49% of monthly ROI for 279 days
  • Plan 2: You need to invest $1010 – $5000 to receive up to 49% and 0.15% fixed monthly ROI for 219 days
  • Plan 3: You need to invest $5010 – $10,000 to receive up to 49% and 0.25% fixed monthly ROI for 159 days
  • Plan 4: You need to invest $10,010 – $100,000 to receive up to 49% and 0.3% fixed monthly ROI for 119 days

Bit4G – Affiliate Commission

The commission is paid via unilevel structure. A unilevel structure places an affiliate at the top of level 1 and every personally recruited affiliate goes to the next level of the affiliate who recruited them.

The cap is put at 10th level. The affiliates are paid the percentage of funds that are invested across these 10 levels.

  • Level 1 – 8%
  • level 2 – 3%
  • level 3 – 2%
  • level 4 – 1%
  • level 5 – 0.5%
  • level 6 – 0.3%
  • level 7 – 0.2%
  • levels 8 to 10 – 0.1%

Bit4G reviews 

Jane: I read about the opportunity, but the high ROI seems too good to be true. I would rather look for some option that talks about possible profits and not the imaginary ones.

Nancy: By far, so good. I will recommend it to everyone.

Comparisons of the above reviews

There is no doubt that the company has started fresh and it would take time to understand the actual game that it is playing. The second reviewer has come to a conclusion only after few weeks of the investment. So, we cannot depend on it.

The first reviewer is sceptical and finds it suspicious which we have already proved. Hence, it would be advisable to look for better opportunities.

The Verdict

Bit4G follows cryptocurrency lending Ponzi Scheme. What would be more discouraging than to invest for worthless points which stands no place in physical world.

“The company states that Bit4G is the rarest form of bitcoin available in the market which makes it highly demandable.”

However, there is no math that makes this combination useful. And, in case it is rare and can make a great profit in coming future, why didn’t the owners keep it to themselves. In addition, the company’s business model and the ROI depends on the recruitment of affiliates which make them a Ponzi Scheme.

I would suggest scrutinizing the company which you are going to pay and look for references which suggest that the company can be trusted at the first place.

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