Bit Club Invest Review: Ponzi Startup Investment

Bit Club Invest has left no stone unturned in flaunting its 5000% ROI in 60 days. It has proposed huge returns in matter of days and has announced to be investing into international market, only after one month of its inception. Is it the guardian for some and a nightmare for all?
Bit Club Invest Review: Ponzi Startup Investment
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Bit Club Invest has not disclosed the name of its owners on its website. There is no insight of people running the business. The domain was registered with the name ‘’ in October 2017. Although, it is only a month of their start, they have started representing themselves as the international market investment company.

The company is offering free membership to few programs, but to take advantage of full participation, an affiliate needs to invest at least $1.

There is not any simple rule about finding the companies that are fake. However, if it does not clarify about its existence, think before investing in it. Besides, they are not offering any products or services apart from their affiliate program which makes it dangerous to trust this company even more.

Compensation Plan at Bit Club Invest

  • The investment is purely done on the huge promised ROIs which seem far away from reach.
  • By investing $1 to $10,000, you receive 10% hourly ROI which goes on for 12 hours
  • By investing $1 to $25,000, you receive 5% hourly ROI which goes on for 30 hours
  • By investing $1 to $50,000, you receive 350% ROI which comes in your account after 5 days
  • By investing $1 to $75,000, you receive 800% ROI which comes in your account after 10 days
  • By investing $1 to $100,000, you receive 2000% ROI which comes in your account after 25 days
  • By investing $1 to $150,000, you receive 5000% ROI which comes in your account after 60 days

The funds are made available to the affiliates by the downline affiliates and follows a unilevel membership down to three levels as follows:

  • level 1 where the affiliates are recruited personally – 4%
  • levels 2 – 2%
  • levels 3 – 2%

Bit Club Invest’s Reviews around the World

Leslie: I could not believe when I first check my account. I had earned around 500% profit on my initial amount. This was only in 15 days. This company rocks and I will recommend it to everyone.

Greg T: This was my first affiliate company and I was lucky to find the best. I earned $29066.78 in just 3 days. Do I need to work anymore?

Comparison of the above reviews:

The reviews about Bit Club Invest does not speak about the way these profits were made. It gives some hypothetical numbers which seem difficult to believe. No one among the two have mentioned about the investment they made. This is some marketing stunt to give fuel to the fire that people behind the company have started by advertising impossible returns.

The Verdict:

As per the company, the ROI is the outcome of hypothetical investment in startups:

  • Sigma Trade – For designing a major portal especially for p2p sales with holdings in various European countries
  • Leeds Medical and Pharmaceutical – A company working for producing medical devices for prosthetics

There are few other names as well such as ‘Fusion Network and Terminal’ and ‘The Road’.

I did want to try and check if these company at all existed is real. But, even if it existed, there was no reference or proof of connection with these companies with Bit Club Invest was cited on their website. So, it brings us to square one.

Bit Club Invest’s could not pass the the Ponzi logic test.

Their 5000% ROI which can be earned every 60 days, associates for an annual revenue of 30,416% ROI. Is that a dream? It must be. Because, if not, why are they still investing when they could have been the richest people around the world, if they started investing from 2016 as per their claim.

To sum this up, you can only get into this investment model through the affiliate scheme. Once, the recruitment will freeze, so will be the thousands of downlines.

So, the collapse is around the corner and is very much predictable in this case.

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