Bertha Blanco charged in $1B Medicare fraud case

The federal prosecutors who registered the case against Bertha Blanco, 66 years old, confirmed this information saying this is the biggest scam in the healthcare industry.

FLORIDA — History has it written somewhere or the other: Whenever an opulently rich person entered any Business, the amount of corruption in that business at least, increases.

Such opulent people have their own way of dealing with things out. They find their jackpot person in that business who can take them to the level they want to reach, within a short time.

One such opulent person has been alleged to bribe Florida health care administrator and that too for 7 long years. The federal prosecutors who registered the case against Bertha Blanco, 66 years old, confirmed this information saying this is the biggest scam in the healthcare industry.

There had never been such a huge amount of bribing done by any official at Florida health care.

This opulent person, Philip Esformes owns a dozen of Miami-Dale nursing facilities and seems that this is the shortcut that he chose to attain maximum profit for his business.

While having a further conversation with prosecutors, they informed us,” Bartha Blanco intentionally oversaw Philip’s inspection, just because one reason that she was getting $31,300 per year.”

Due to Blanco’s corrupted mind, Esformes did not lose his license and kept on practicing illegally. The prosecution term to have an upper hand on that case because they have on hand two informers that used to work for Esformes.

They helped him by conveying the information to Esformes from Blanco. Blanco’s attorney told in her defense how she was still reviewing the case and refuted the allegations to be false.

Robyn Blake, Blanco’s Attorney told how these guys had no instructions of Esformes to work for him. Esformes thought that whenever these guys used to show up, it was coincidental and had nothing to do with him.

Thought those two messengers; Gabriel Delgado and Guillermo Delgado have already made plea deals against Esformes and are expected to go against her.

Blanco is currently out of custody on a $250,000 bond. Esformes is already held in federal detention, though his trial being in the March month.

This case if proven in the favor of federal prosecutors would lead to cancellation of license as well as few years behind the bars for Blanco as well as Esformes. It would also to shut down of Esformes nursing facilities in Miami, LA, Chicago apart from Florida.

The record tells you about the patient being cheated in a lot more amount, which prosecutors claim to be more than 14000.

It is really awkward for Florida Healthcare as this kind of blame on any employee of Florida Healthcare was never an issue with them.

With procedures going on from both the sides it is expected to reach an outcome soon.

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