Audacious duo of Father-Son who did trading under many names; arrested.

The story is about Somerset County where this father and son duo who used to trade on many names; lived. They are currently under arrest after police got enough evidence for charges against them.

Anthony A.Innarella
Anthony A.Innarella

Allegedly, this duo was running a fraud trade business using unknown identities. Pretty active in New Jersey area, this duo about whom the Somerset County Clerk’s office got skeptical about and contacted the prosecutor.

In February month the prosecutor was reported how fake Trading certificates were issued of people living in New Jersey. This cracked the case and gave police a clear hint about something fishy in the name of trade, said Robertson.

Anthony G Innarella
Anthony C Innarella

The daring duo i.e. father namely, Anthony C Innarella; son, namely, Anthony A Innarella, were arrested under charge of theft, forgery and conspiracy to commit identity theft. A special operation was then planned and detectives were hired by Somerset County prosecutor, to know the truth. When contacted the officials the prosecutor’s office had a clear footage of how the daring duo went to the registrar office for the registration of new name in trading.

When contacted the registrar i.e. Somerset County Clerk’s Office, the official affirmed to police and gave the surveillance which captures the father-son duo. They went to the registrar’s office between Feb 15 & April 25th.

The Detectives investigation was a major break – through in the case wherein they came across three victims hunted down by the father-son duo. After the confirmations with the victims, the message to detectives was loud and clear. There was some other mind running this scam.

After all these proofs, the father son duo were brought in front of the court. The all the charges laid upon them were found to be true and the duo was jailed.

According to Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office, they received a confirmation on July 21st by National Crime Information Center that the son, Anthony C Innarella had filed a detention hearing which was pending. The father Anthony A Innarella was jailed in North Hampton County Jail in Easton Pennsylvania.

After waiving the charges he was transported to Somerset County Jail. With the increase in amount of trading scams this year, the final word from the official is to be-aware about whom to do business with.

The officials also appreciated County Clerk’s official for identifying such a trend and reporting to the Prosecutor which caused a major break in the case.

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