ArbiStar Review: Ponzi Scheme with Weekly ROI

ArbiStar claims to own the trading bot. However, there is no evidence to prove the claim. Moreover, Santi, the CEO of the companies is associated with many failed Ponzi schemes in the past.
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ArbiStar is an MLM company operating in the cryptocurrency niche. Unlike many other MLM companies, we do have a name to associate with the company’s operation.  Santi Fuentes is the CEO of ArbiStar. He is based out of Spain. In his own words, Santi claims to be the most experienced people in the world of referral marketing. According to him, he had led team of thousands of people in the past.

Looking at the past records, we were not very much impressed by his works accomplished in the past. He was among one of the top investors in Global Unity which was a Ponzi Scheme. He was also the top investor in MoneyBox TV which was another Ponzi Scheme.

Turning the pages of his past, I found out that the companies he led or was associated with did not last for long. And, were targeted for not being transparent to its investors and affiliates.

Again, if you look for any products or services that can be retailed, you will find none. The company only offers affiliate recruitment program. Although you can join the affiliate membership for free, to enjoy the full participation, you must invest between €100 to €50,000. These payments are accepted in bitcoins and are paid back in bitcoins as well.

ArbiStar – The Compensation Plan

The company encourages its affiliates to invest anywhere between 100 Euros to 50,000 Euros by promising weekly ROI. The affiliates can also invest in the person bot by paying 5000 Euros which is commissionable as well.

ArbiStar – The Referral Commission

The company utilises uni-level compensation plan to pay referral commission to its affiliates.

In a uni-level plan, an affiliate is placed on the top. The newly recruited affiliates who are personally recruited are placed directly under the recruiter.

For example, affiliates recruited by the top affiliate are placed on level 1. Those recruited by level 1 affiliates are placed on level 2, directly under the one who recruited them. The affiliates recruited by the level 1 affiliates are placed on level 3 and so on.

The referral commission is capped at level 10. The company pays 2% referral commission on the returns paid on unilevel team. There is another 2% referral commission which is paid on the reinvestment within the unilevel affiliates team.

The company has a separate 6% commission which is paid one time on the unilevel team within personal bot sales. ArbiStar also has a catch with their signing formula. The affiliates are limited to five unilevel teams until they convince others to invest 30,000 Euros. This unlocks the sixth and other levels to the affiliates.

ArbiStar – Recruitment Bonus

The company offers 10,000 Euros bonus to those who convince others to invest 100,000 Euros. Also, the company has the concept of world club bonus for those who have generated 1 million Euro in their downline investment with minimum 30,000 Euros on level 1 of their unilevel team.

ArbiStar – Reviews

Robin: I joined this company last month. I invested almost $5000 till now and have managed to convince lots other people from my family and friends circle to pay to this bogus company. Now, I feel I am responsible for their loss. These people are scammers.

Shally: I am not convinced by the way this company advertises its claims. My friend was fooled into joining this program and she is still repenting on her decision. Nothing has been returned so far. All the promises are made to lure users and nothing is done to fulfil them.

The Conclusion from the above Reviews

ArbiStar is cheating people in the name of huge weekly ROI. However, the truth is that the majority of people would be going back home, empty handed. This company will turn out to be another flop show as others which were a part of Santi’s creations.

The Verdict

Santi has no records in the past with verifiable trading skills. How come he owns a trading bot that generates 1% in a day? Isn’t that a lot fishy?

All we know is that Santi was involved in many Ponzi Scheme projects in the past which ended up bad. This guy is again reliving his past by offering securities and pyramid scheme. According to Alexa, the majority of traffic is coming from Mexico, Spain and Italy. However, the company is not registered with any of the securities regulators operative in any of these countries listed above.

Also, the only source of income the company can verify is their affiliate program. This makes ArbiStar a Ponzi Scheme.

As it happens with every other Ponzi Scheme, the company will soon collapse as the recruitment will dry. The majority of the investors will lose money and the ones benefitting with the entire setup would be the ones who created the scheme.

Hence, I would recommend not to join this company and put your hard earned money in a risky investment scheme.