7 Figure Skills by A J Jomah

The bulk of wealthy men on the planet do not get their hands dirty doing menial jobs because they know ....
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The bulk of wealthy men on the planet do not get their hands dirty doing menial jobs because they know even trading could be as successful as you want it with dropshipping.

The issue is that many persons do not know that there are easier ways to be successful at dropshipping. A J Jomah has developed great business courses to help you succeed at this business.

Do you want to know how they have worked? Read on.

A J Jomah is a very skilled online marketing expert who created 7 Figure Skills as a platform to share his knowledge of successful dropshipping using the Shopify business prototype.

He has tried Amazon FBA and many other e-Commerce businesses like selling T-shirts and other items.

Having had much experience from different perspectives to e-Commerce, he started the platform to teach his clients how to own, set up and operate their e-Commerce stores as well as effectively promote the stores using Facebook ads.

Now if you ask me, I would say that is impressive.

The 7 Figure Skills Set Up

Have you ever wondered what could be the reason behind the hype on internet businesses? It is not strange.

Since Adam, men have sought to have more money. The internet just created the platform.

Think about it: the virtual space, virtual boss, virtual client and virtual currency too.

Chances are that you are also in search for some virtual privilege in the online workspace.

Trading online was a natural course as traditional trade was practically the lifeblood of any economy.

Given the introduction of dropshipping, online trading hasn’t been easier.

A J Jomah has provided just the ideal avenue for you to learn about this modern form of a practice as old as earth itself.

Could it be a Scam?

It is common to see online business operators take advantage of their clients.

In the last decade or so, internet users have been defrauded countless times. They did not realize it is also a smart space – only the smart can survive.

It is worse with the trade routes, money exchanging and all.

It is also common for sellers to exaggerate their products and take advantage of unsuspecting clients.

Little has been said in this regard about 7 Figure Skills.

We could as well conclude that they deliver what they say. This part is very important to consider before anyone would think about joining a platform where you invest money to make a profit.

Think about the profit and look up the reviews and you would know this is not a scam.

Maybe you do not know it well. Read further.

Both Sides of the Coin

A closer look at the positive and negative aspects of 7 Figure Skills is adequate to create a balanced perspective of its practices. This is also very necessary for anyone wishing to undertake a course with it.

7 Figure Skills Pros

  • There is a 30-day money back guarantee. This could be the best news for anyone who wants to try out businesses online. What could beat that? A J Jomah has assured a return of your fees in 30 days if you are dissatisfied with the system. Given the complicated nature of the virtual environment, it would only be fair to allow one try out a program and be assured he could leave if he doesn’t like it. With a clear record on the part, you can be rest assured of a friendly exit.
  • It has a complete package available. This package provides every utility for you including the complete set up of the store, the selection of products to be sold, advertising campaigns and others. It also includes a twelve months coaching programme attached with it. With the rather complex form of online trading, it would be very refreshing to know that a single package could deliver every aspect of a process. How thoughtful!
  • The ideal context. Why try a scheme that lets you settle for less? A J Jomah takes the success of his clients seriously that he would rather encourage them to focus on higher end products and upper middle customers. This kind of focus would bring the customers in close reach with greater profits and a worthwhile experience on the platform.
  • It is safer as you only buy products and ship them only after the client has paid you. This is safe practice and is a worthwhile as you are secured from unnecessary loss and victimization.
  • Greater control of the trade route is guaranteed. Unlike Amazon FBA, where Amazon has access to orders and information, The dropshipping model promoted by 7 Figure Skills offers sellers complete control over how information moves between them and the buyer.

7 Figure Skills Cons

  • The program fails to address important points. Have you ever thought of delays in delivery and difficulty in processing products? It fails to highlight the likely difficulties that may arise when products are delivered from another country. That is one oversight too great. These are important points without which the program cannot be considered thorough. Also in this category is the means to address customers that may go wild due to late deliveries or problems arising in the supply chain.
  • There are so many negative reviews on this program and many of them highlight the amount of free content it makes available. Sadly, this does not add up to delivering what would have brought it a favourable interest from the general public.
  • The ‘higher end’ products mantra isn’t so favourable. The program tends to displace the importance of experience in helping store owners excel in this trade. It just emphasizes on high ticket dropshipping items and this could be very difficult and unprofitable for beginners and the less experienced.
  • The program does not adequately guide its partners on the issuing of refunds to unhappy clients and proper coordination of deliveries from other countries.
  • The program underestimates the system so much. A J Jomah claims that the business will run itself after it is established. This is ridiculous and should be considered as one of those marketing stunts online business owners are involved with. His use of Facebook Ads in the marketing of products for example is not as easy as it may seem. A lot of effort is required in the successful use of Facebook Ads to promote content. One would have to do a great deal of updating and monitoring. He does not give relevant information on these.
  • The cost of the program is very high and this is not justifiable for what is offered. Jomah’s packages are three and range from $1297 to $5997. For a program of this nature, the cost is very high and does not represent the value of the content delivered. Even if one would make so much in profit, the cost is too much for regular earners and too much for beginners. It sure represents the focus of Jomah on the higher end of the society. This would not be fair on individuals who may take to dropshipping through his platform.
  • Facebook Ads can be disappointing sometimes. When your audience is exhausted, the Ads stop working. These Ads do not also produce consistent results for you and this sometimes lowers the profit margin a great deal.
  • A major challenge with this system is the role of the seller as a pivot bearing the bulk of the risks. Do you ever wonder who would pay for damages if there were any complaints from either side of the chain – supplier or consumer? The store owner typically bears all risks, being the typical entrepreneur. The program does not highlight this aspect of the bargain enough for the awareness of its clients.

My word on this is as follows:

Don’t become a victim of the get-rich-quick vibe.

It is deceptive.

Don’t also believe anyone that tells you dropshipping is easy business which does not require much effort to succeed.

You may just become a casualty.

Drop shipping is awesome, however, you will need to be committed to work hard for what it’s worth.

Having considered the portfolio of A J Jomah’s masterpiece, I would hereby tender my verdict.


7 Figure Skills is novel in its targeted marketing prototype. Its presentation is also very attractive – which is expected for the ever-increasing market online.

However, I still had some difficulty making a point off its cost. It is just too much for anyone to afford. Anyone.

Besides the cost of the program, you would have to spend more using Facebook Ads.

This implies a higher budget to match your higher product niche and is unhealthy for beginners.

Furthermore, the marketing strategy underestimates the realities of the online market so much.

This would not be beneficial in the near future as it would only create the impression that 7 Figure Skills is not what it claims to represent.

If you would want a dropshipping model recommendation from me, I will definitely not mention A J Jomah’s 7 Figure Skills. It has not really created a convincing signature.